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Favourite weekend of the whole year

Tomorrow’s the GREAT GLEBE GARAGE SALE! Woohoo. The rain will put a damper on things, but I’ll still be there.

It’s also Ottawa Race Weekend. The route has changed, taking it through more populated and livelier neighbourhoods, so there oughta be a lot more spectators, despite the rain. Good luck to all of you who are running, walking or wheeling through Ottawa this weekend. GC and I are walking the half-marathon on Sunday. (If you see/hear someone walking and their right shoe makes a farting noise with every step, that’s me – say hi.)

Our quilting course ended last night, and without the pressure of having to get our homework done by Thursday evening, we’re worried we might slack off. Our quilt tops are almost done now – we just have to put on the borders and get them quilted and then do the binding . Here’s mine as of last night. I’ve since taken some of it apart, because I wanted to switch those first two blocks in the bottom row. I’d highly recommend taking a quilting course from Gabriel at The Running Stitch if you’re interested in learning how to quilt. We loved that course.

What else? There’s a job I really want and I’m going to spend some time this weekend crafting the perfect cover letter. It’s the ideal job for me and I think I’m almost the ideal candidate for the job, except they want someone who is bilingual. Somehow I have to convince them that my other attributes are so impressive, they can live with my less than impressive French.

7 comments to Favourite weekend of the whole year

  • Gramps

    I am so proud that you are walking the half marathon. A couple of years ago you could not stand for 5 minutes because the pain was so strong. When you cross that finish line on Sunday put a great big smile on your face. Good luck on the job –

  • Merle

    Your quilt looks absolutely gorgeous. You should be so proud – especially on your first try. I’d love to see GC’s finished product. Congratulations.

  • What a gorgeous quilt! And bonne chance with your cover letter.

  • Your quilt is so striking! Well done. :) Good luck with the cover letter; those suckers are SO important…

  • That is a beautiful quilt. I just love it.
    And congratsulations on your half-marathon; sorry I didn’t see you and GC there.

  • What a nice quilt, great job! Hope your cover letter will be just as good (I’m sure it will:). Even though I think most of the cover letters are extremely similar, they really can decide everything – a good first impression is the key. Good luck!