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My lovebird proposed to me

We had perfect weather here in Ottawa yesterday, which only happens about once every 42 years. It was sunny and warm, not hot, with a cool breeze, and the humidity was only 45%.

In the early evening we went for a walk: Logan the Dog out in front, then GC, me, and Oboe the Lovebird in a little carrying cage, with Duncan the Dogcat bringing up the rear. A few people looked twice, and several children stopped to ask questions.

GC had this brilliant idea that we should modify a wagon with three bird cages, so we could take all the birds out for a walk, along with Duncan and Logan.

Or maybe we could get one of those circus wagons.

We’re renting a cargo van today so we can drive out to Kazoo’s former home and pick up her outdoor cage. It’s important for birds to spend some time in the sun each day – especially African birds, which Simon and Oboe are. They need sunlight (or artificial full-spectrum lighting placed about 16 inches above them for several hours a day in the wintertime) for calcium absorption, vitamin D production, and for proper vision and good health.

GC cut down my only tree – a lilac – to make room for the outdoor cage in my wee back yard.

By the way, Oboe has officially declared that I am his one true love. A couple of days ago he started trying to regurgitate for me, which is the ultimate expression of love between lovebirds: it is his way of demonstrating that he will be a good provider, so I should have his babies. He also performed his full mating dance for me on my keyboard. This involves clicking his beak really fast, turning in circles and scratching his head.

I admit to being flattered, even though he’s not my type and I’m already spoken for.

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