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Cowboys and Dogcats

The awesomeness of The Baseline Cowboys, who I blogged about in their early days, is spreading far and wide!

Tomorrow is GC and my GC’s and mine GC’s and my’s our third anniversary. We’re going to celebrate by cruising past the Baseline Cowboys (1605 Baseline Road) on our way out to dinner. Maybe we’ll even stop for a beer!

My neighbours all seem to love our evening walk around the block. We keep a very leisurely pace because Logan the Dog likes it that way. Duncan follows behind, while people laugh and point and say things like “There’s that cat who thinks he’s a dog!” Sometimes we bring Oboe along in a little cage, and he hops around and chirps. If we don’t bring Oboe, there’s a lady on a balcony who always asks “Where’s the bird tonight?”

A smattering of little kids runs to join us, and they have an endless supply of questions. Does the dog like the cat? Does the cat like the bird? Does the bird like the dog? Where did you get the bird? Why does the cat go for walks with you? Why do you bring the bird? Why is the bird’s name Oboe? Does the bird ever go out of the cage? Does the dog like kids? Can we pat the dog? Can we pick up the cat? Why does the cat like children? Can the bird talk? Which one did you get first? Which one is the oldest? Where does the dog sleep? Where does the cat sleep? Where does the bird sleep? What does the bird eat? Etcetera. (I’ve blogged about these little kids before, here. They’re taller now.)

We’re still trying to figure out how to include Kazoo and Simon on our walks.

What else? I’m feeling optimistic about a job that I interviewed for a little over a month ago. They’ve been checking my references. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high because if it falls through I’ll be devastated, but it’s already too late for that. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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