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Mostly good news

The morning after I wrote that last post about all the things my birds have destroyed, I was sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap, and Simon was standing behind it playing peekaboo with me. He’d poke his head over the top and I’d say peekaboo and he’d look all pleased with himself. Then he’d duck down and we’d do it all over again. After a few minutes of this, he suddenly poked his head around the side of the screen and clamped down on the power cord. The screen went black.

I discovered that a replacement power cord for a Macbook costs $80.

I might have a job one of these days. I had an interview a couple weeks ago for a job I applied for in February, and I thought it went well. They were supposed to let me know this past week if I got the job, but I haven’t heard from them, so maybe it didn’t go as well as I thought.

However, late Friday afternoon I heard from Health Canada about a job I’d pretty much given up on. I applied for it many months ago. I wrote a test, did an interview, and eventually my references were contacted. And then, nothing. Friday they sent me an email saying I have successfully met all their requirements and I’m in the pool. I’m in the pool! That means they might call me and offer me a job! I know it’s not a job, exactly, but I’m celebrating anyway, because it’s the closest I’ve come to getting a job since getting laid off an embarrassingly long time ago.

Two other good things happened this week.

The plumber came back because my bathtub had stopped draining altogether, and he was talking about needing to cut a hole in my hall wall to get at the pipes, and probably having to replace some plumbing. I was sitting on the floor holding my migraine in my hands, moaning “Why, why, why did I buy a house?” And then he said there was one more thing he could try, and he tried it and it worked! Suddenly my drain was draining perfectly and the plumber and I were beaming happily at each other and home ownership was good again.

The other good thing was that my migraine finally lifted. Usually they last three days, but this one lasted four. It feels so good when a migraine ends. Everything feels better, not just my head. My whole outlook on life, my future, sunshine, sound, everything. It’s a natural high.

Speaking of natural highs, Kazoo managed to squeeze herself in between the living room window and the blinds a couple of days ago. Every time GC or I would say “Where’s Kazoo?” she’d burst out laughing. She’s got the most contagious belly laugh I’ve ever heard. I love it. I hope Simon learns how to laugh too. He turned eight months old yesterday, and African Greys generally start talking at about a year old. He whistles now, but doesn’t say any words yet. I can’t wait.

In other news, I took Duncan to the vet last week because I was concerned about a couple of things, like the sudden matting. She did blood work and said his kidney levels appear not to have changed since he was diagnosed with kidney disease three months ago. That’s a good thing. However, he has lost another kilo since then. He’s down to 6.85 kilos now (15 pounds), which means he has lost more than a third of his body weight altogether. The vet’s concerned something else might be going on with him. He’s still eating a lot (especially since he’s on appetite enhancers – those things make him ravenous), but his weight keeps dropping.

They shaved off the mats, and clipped his nails. They found a few fleas, so he’s on a monthly anti-flea program now. But we still don’t know why he’s losing weight, or why he got all matted.

That’s about all the news from here, except I’m collecting vintage linens now. More about that later!

8 comments to Mostly good news

  • Woohoo for the pool! I knew you would get in, and I apologize – I should have warned you about how long staffing takes. The process that got me into HC was two years from start to finish. I kid you not.

    And best wishes for Duncan. I hope they figure out what is going on soon.

  • deb

    So excited about the HC job…pool. You will get it; I just know.

    Glad so many good things are happening; even if it isn’t the one I guessed.

  • lucy

    But if you get a job and have to be out of the house all day what will you do with your birds? Can they stay in their cages unsupervised all day? Or would you have to get a bird sitter to come in to check on them during the day?

    It is strange that it takes these govt departments so long to fill open positions. You would think that if they actually needed someone to fill a particular position they would attempt to find someone within a shorter time frame! But I guess that’s not the way the govt works…. Anyway, now you are in the pool, I would hope that even if you don’t get this particular job, they would be able to consider you for other jobs with similar requirements without making you do through this process all over again?

    Best wishes to Duncan!

    • I will worry about the birds, of course. But my plan is to keep them in their houses all day while I’m at work. I’ll get up early, and let them out for an hour or so, and then let them out again when I get home from work. I’ll also prepare lots of activities for them to keep busy during the day. Like wrapping their toys and treats in paper, and rotating their toys more often. I think they’ll adapt. Other people have parrots and jobs. :)

      Good question about the pool and similar jobs. I really don’t know how that works.

  • Jim

    Dumb — Stupid and crazy

  • Oh, Duncan. Maybe thyroid? Digit was ravenous, ate all the time, and lost massive amounts of weight until they fixed his thyroid…. And you, thinking good job thoughts!