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Friendly Giant I and Friendly Giant II

Friendly Giant I

We’re not exactly looking for a dog just yet. We’re pre-looking. We’re familiarizing ourselves with local shelters and rescues.

So yesterday we went to the Friendly Giants Dog Rescue‘s 2nd annual Adoption Day, which was held out near Kinburn at Dogs at Camp.

There were dogs everywhere, running and tumbling and wrestling together. Every time someone new came, they all ran to greet them. The fire department came because the smoke detector was set off by a kettle left on the stove, and the dogs were pretty thrilled by this.

Anyway. I fell in love with a wonderful white shepherd mix named Shilo. She was two years old, medium-sized and very sweet. She just wanted to cuddle and be loved. And I just wanted to cuddle and love her. They told us there was a possible adoption pending for Shilo. But then her possible adoptor arrived, and she wasn’t interested in him. She just wanted me and GC.

GC’s not ready though, and he didn’t fall for Shilo the way I did, so we’re not adopting her. Which is okay, since we’re only pre-looking for a dog to adopt. But if we had been looking for real, there’s a very good chance Shilo the shy shepherd would be sharing my lap with Duncan and my laptop right now.

Friendly Giant II

We went to see Matt Andersen playing at the Centrepointe Theatre on Friday night. The older I get, the more infrequently I find new music to like. We caught the tail end of Matt’s set at the Jazz Festival this summer, and loved what we heard, which is why we went to see him on Friday. He’s amazing. He’s a big man with big talent, big energy and a big personality. (Unfortunately, the older I get, the more I should have an afternoon nap before attending an evening concert.)

Old Man Luedecke opened for him, and we really liked his set too. (For the record, he’s not that old. He has his twin three-month old daughters on tour with him.)

8 comments to Friendly Giant I and Friendly Giant II

  • Wow, I don’t usually watch videos of people performing songs, but this one had me sitting through to the end. Quite the talent!

    – RG>

  • He’s amazing huh? The kids’ friend, Liam Potter, opened for him and performed with him here in Wolfville. He’s a great talent anmd a great mentor.

  • Heather

    I’m fostering this gorgeous dog… he even likes cats… :-)

    • Well, he does sound like a sweetie! How is he with birds?

      I’m not sure GC’s going to be ready before the new year, but you never know…

  • Heather

    Hi Zoom,

    I don’t know how he is with birds! I’ve tried to convince him to chase pigeons from the backyard, which he finds utterly uninteresting.

    I’m way too impulsive, so I have much respect for people who wait until it’s the right time to adopt pets. :-)


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