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A new toy

We have a new toy at our house! For my birthday, my son gave me a gift certificate for my favourite pet store, Critter Jungle, which just happened to be having a sale on these Zoomax perches.

It required moving all the furniture around to make room for it, since it needed some aerial real estate that was not over anything that oughtn’t be pooped upon. It also required making nine holes in the ceiling (seven of which were purely exploratory as we searched for a ceiling joist).

But in the end, the jungle gym was hanging in front of the window and we were all very excited. I managed to persuade all the birds to try it on the first day, but Kazoo and Simon are still a little leery of it. In the picture you can see Simon tentatively climbing, and those are Kazoo’s tail feathers at the top of the frame as she flies away from it. Oboe likes it; it gives him 72 new places to perch.

We watched a really good movie on the weekend. Incendies is a riveting French Canadian film that won a bunch of awards and freaked us out. It’s got subtitles, but they’re well done and we got used to them quickly. I highly recommend this film.

In other viewing news, we’ve been on the library’s waiting list for the second season of Robson Arms for what seems like ages, and our turn FINALLY came up. So now we’ve got a week to cram in the whole season. It’s a busy week, too – we’re both writing books, and GC is walking through Tazmania while growing a mustache. Never let it be said that the man can’t multi-task!

Happy Birthday to my favourite big sister, Debbie, who is now older than me again. (For a little while each year, Debbie and I are the same age.)

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