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Ravenous cat refuses to cooperate

Good old Duncan. He likes going to the vet because they have good treats, but he doesn’t relinquish his blood or urine without a fight. The vet actually had to anaesthetize him yesterday, just to get some samples.

We were there for two hours. It was one of those crazy days at the vet’s, with all kinds of emergencies interrupting regularly scheduled appointments. I didn’t mind, because there are always interesting people in the vet’s waiting room.

There was an older couple who looked very much alike in an eccentric-cat-couple sort of way, sitting there in their parkas and mukluks, talking about their cats’ antics and chuckling at their shared cat memories, and sometimes leaning their heads together affectionately while they laughed. They have three cats, and they were waiting to find out what was wrong with their Ragdoll cat.

As for ravenous Duncan, he’s lost another kilogram (2.2 pounds) since August. He’s down to 5.96 kilograms (about 13 pounds), which is about half of what he weighed when I adopted him four years ago (25 pounds). Even though he needed to lose weight, his ongoing weight loss is a symptom of a bigger problem.

The vet called back this morning, and she says the good news is that his kidney disease seems stable. His numbers are virtually unchanged since he was diagnosed last April. Other good news is that he’s not diabetic and his liver, electrolytes and proteins are all at good levels. We won’t have his thyroid test results until Tuesday. We’re hoping he’s got hyperthyroidism, because it’s easily diagnosed and treated. If it’s not that, we’re most likely looking at something trickier and more expensive to diagnose and treat. Possibly lymphoma or inflammatory bowel disease.

Please keep your fingers and paws crossed for Duncan.

I can’t get over how quickly and easily Duncan and Rosie became friends. They trusted one another almost from the moment they met.

I think there’s just something about Rosie. She’s so gentle and respectful. I think she’d make a great dog for visiting old people in nursing homes and children in the hospital.

We think maybe she was subjected to some abuse in a former home. GC dropped a bit of food on the kitchen floor yesterday, and Rosie went over to it. He turned to look, and she leapt away from it as if she were afraid of getting hit. Poor wee thing. I can’t imagine anybody ever wanting to hurt her. She’s the loveliest little dog you could possibly imagine.

5 comments to Ravenous cat refuses to cooperate

  • crossing fingers for hyperthyroid! It’s an easy, cheap fix, and Digit is so much happier (and heavier) now that we fixed it. sending good thoughts. xo happy new year!

  • Kathleen

    I will keep my fingers crossed for Duncan. I am quite happy to hear that his kidneys are ok. I gave Rosie a little treat today. She is so gentle. A real Lady. How did you decide to call her Rosie?

  • Karen

    Bob and I are keeping our fingers crossed for Duncan and have asked Jasper, Nellie, Zorro and Finn to cross their paws. The birds are a little confused as to whether or not to cross their feet or their wings. I’ll let you know what they come up with.

    Zorro has hyperthyroidism and our previous cat Heidi had it as well. Both improved greatly once diagnosed and it is easily treatable.

    Rosie sound adorable and like she is really settling in well. So happy for you and Rob!

  • Rachel

    I hope you get a diagnosis for Duncan. It’s good to hear his kidney disease is stable.
    Rosie is cute and her name is great! The pic of her and Duncan is adorable.

  • redfraggle

    Fingers crossed for Duncan!