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Duncan's business trip

I think Oboe has turned the corner! He seems a little brighter and livelier today, and he ate a little breakfast on his own. He’s still spending all his time sleeping in his cave, and he’s still breathing hard and can’t fly, but I sense that he’s stronger and happier today. I’m feeling guardedly optimistic.

As you may recall, Duncan is away on a business trip at GC’s house, dealing with a mouse. He completed this special assignment yesterday morning, but Oboe suggested it might be prudent to stay a few more days, just to make sure there aren’t other mice in GC’s house. Duncan has agreed to extend his business trip until Friday, when he has to come home for his B12 injection.

Duncan got to be a hero for a few hours at GC’s house on account of the mouse. But a few hours later, when GC was out walking Rosie, Duncan used that opportunity to get into the kitchen cabinets, scale the shelves, and chew big holes in Rosie’s dog food bag. His hero status was revoked.

20 comments to Duncan’s business trip

  • Whew! I am relieved to read that Oboe seems to be recovering. I have been thinking about the little monster, and hoping that he’s learned something from this experience–like, stay out of Duncan’s way!
    Cats & mice just go together. We went away for a few days vacay (last year), and left the house so clean & all the pantry so well secured, that the only food in the house for the mice was the cat food (dry kibble). When we got back, there were 4 dead mice LINED UP IN A ROW on the kitchen floor. Kinda weird seeing them so neatly lined up, but we have a ginger cat–they’re naturally wired differently.

    • Thanks, CeltChick. I’m not sure Oboe will have learned much, even though I’m convinced he’s the smartest person in this household. He just can’t help himself. Life is a big game for him.

      Very cool about your four mice all lined up! She must have been very pleased with herself.

  • Celtchick my old cat Luna lined up her kills too! She even started spelling her name with dead moles voles and mice one night LU. Coincidence or maybe 5 was all she found before we came out and gathered them up on her?

    Zoom I’m so glad Oboe is starting to recover in visible ways! Duncan is typical cat about a job, does his job efficiently then steals all the paper clips from the storeroom. He knows you won’t fire him!

  • Gilles Seguin

    Suggestion: create a free ad in Kijiji for your mouser – coupla bucks per mouse. Thus, Duncan can contribute to the Oboe Vet Fund while he’s away letting Oboe convalesce in peace…

  • grace

    I’m so relieved to hear that Oboe is feeling better. Wanna make my cold go away forever?

    • Grace, you’ve been one of Oboe’s followers since he was just a little egg on the webcam! You’ve known him since forever.

      As for your cold, I will wave my magic wand (which is actually a chopstick with one end painted red).

  • Gwen

    Poooor Duncan.

  • fuzzpedals

    very glad to hear oboe has turned the corner.

  • Thanks Fuzz. He seems a wee bit better again this evening, too. I think he’s still got a long road ahead of him, but he’s making progress.

  • Well, most heros have feet of clay. Isn’t that what they’ve all told us?

  • Lynn Taylor

    I’m relieved to hear that Oboe is doing better.

  • Connie

    Duncan was doing what cats do. Try not to be mad at him. I’m glad oboe is turning the corner! You should become a veterinarian!!

  • Bonnie

    I think there was likely a mouse in the dog food…right Duncan?..wink, wink, nudge, nudge…

    • Julia

      That sounds about right to me. Of course there would be a rodent in the dog food!

      • Bonnie

        my Mom had a mouse taking dog food and storing it under the hood of her car. Everytime she turned the heat on in the car a piece of food would come out the lower vent.

  • Duncan’s not the first to get a little wild and crazy on a ‘business trip’…
    Glad Oboe is starting to feel better. Poor little bird.

  • deb

    I hear that “what happens at GC’s, stays at GC’s”.