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Larry O'Brien endorses Ron Paul

Larry O’Brien has declared Ron Paul as his hope for President of the United States. He likes his economic policies, which include immediately balancing the budget while eliminating the Federal Reserve and abolishing income taxes! You’d think Larry might have learned from his own failed attempts at budgeting that some things are not mathematically possible.

On the other hand, he probably did learn that if you promise not to raise taxes (or in Ron Paul’s case, to eliminate them altogether), some idiot will endorse you and a bunch of other idiots will vote for you.

6 comments to Larry O’Brien endorses Ron Paul

  • I liked Ron Paul as long as he was just a voice in the wilderness, but now that he is the current not-Romney flavor of the month, I’m a little concerned. BUT it is a long way to election day – anything can happen!

  • It never ceases to amaze me how many of these guys seeking office seem to think that everything government does is evil and wrong. Just exactly what does Ron Paul feel the government ought to do or is he just going to shut everything down and then turn off the lights as he leaves the building.

  • rww

    Abolish taxes and fund the government through pillage.

  • Fishykitty

    Ron Paul does say things that I do agree with, and some things that I don’t.

    Less federal involvement in general and going back to a more fundamental federalism (Share international relations and defense and leave the rest alone).

    His econ policies make lots of economists cry (gold standard = destroying economy).

    I’m pretty okay with letting the states decide what’s best for their state. Granted, the odds of him getting to do everything he says he will do are very small. Congress will not be pleased with him. ::shrug:: Better him than Santorum. Obama isn’t doing too hot either. Honestly? None of them.

  • Ron Paul is mentally ill.

  • purleygirl

    As if the endorsement of the worst Mayor of Ottawa in the last 20 years somehow matters. I’m sure Ron Paul’s feelin’ good these days, confident that he now has LARRY! O’BRIEN’S! ENDORSEMENT!

    Sheesh. Some people have too much time on their hands and a bloated sense of their self-importance.