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Larry steps in it again

Our former mayor, Larry O’Brien, has managed to publicly disgrace himself once again. This time it was by being openly racist on his public Twitter account. David Reevely, of the Ottawa Citizen, blogged the details, including the follow-up exchange with O’Brien.

Now Larry has blogged about it, giving himself a big fat pat on the back for being so politically incorrect (or IC, as he inexplicably calls it).

It never ceases to amaze me how deluded Larry O’Brien is. He sees himself – and tries to present himself – as some kind of politically astute free-thinking visionary, yet it’s painfully obvious he’s just a mediocre, racist, right-wing narcissist who isn’t even bright enough to be embarrassed by his own embarrassing behaviour.

5 comments to Larry O’Brien steps in it again

  • Good lord, the spelling and grammar on his blog post are atrocious! I guess that observation makes me one of the “chattering elite”.

    The part that really gets me is ” I would like to point out the real benefits of using political incorrectness (PI) as a way of bringing attention to very important issues that are being ignored or, worse yet, misrepresented by the mainstream media.” which is clearly what he meant to do with his “the spics are getting way too much airtime” tweet. Way to go, Larry. I’m so glad he brought my attention to that important issue that was being ignored and misrepresented by the mainstream media.

  • According to his post, Larry has apparently already gotten Ms. Culpa out of the way (Mia, whoever that is), maybe he can do the same with himself.

    – RG>

  • Wow. I am speechless – too bad Larry isn’t though…

  • Your very own GWB-wannabe, Mr Craig is. My condolences. We still haven’t recovered from ours. Sigh.

  • sassy

    When I read things like this I am reminded about how fortunate we are NOT to have LO as mayor anymore.