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The politically (and otherwise) incorrect former mayor

I see Larry O’Brien has apologized. At the official unveiling of his portrait at City Hall last night, he told a reporter he was sorry about the racial slur. Instead of saying “The Spics are getting too much air time,” he says he should have said the Latinos were asking too many parochial questions.

So which is it Larry? Are you politically incorrect and proud of it, or are you sorry for being so politically incorrect? Are you considering going back to being just plain old incorrect?

In other news, Oboe the miracle bird continues to improve. He’s sitting on my left thumb while I write this. He has become more of a “pocket bird” since all this happened, quite happy to sit with me for extended periods of time. He can fly, but chooses to keep it to a minimum. He used to zip around the house constantly. He’d go upstairs to check himself out in the bathroom mirror, and down to the basement to watch me do laundry. And he was lightning fast. Now he prefers to just hang out. His flying’s improving, though. Not nearly as wobbly.

I expect he will back to his old self soon.

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