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An unusually romantic Valentines Day

We don’t usually make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, but this year we got swept up in it for some reason. Maybe it’s because you can’t ignore Valentine’s Day when you’re surrounded by symbols of romance, like lovebirds and a dog named Rose.

Speaking of which, every time we tried to share a Valentine’s kiss, we had a lovebird or a dog named Rose joining in. Rosie would stand up and lick our faces, and Oboe would sit on my head, cling to my hair, and stretch down between our faces. So romantic.

GC gave me a dozen red roses and he made the most incredible meal ever, and I’m not even exaggerating. Honey Pepper Cedar Planked Salmon on the barbecue, with balsamic roasted asparagus, herbed brown rice, salad, wine and zaatar pitas. And we had a little bit of Ben & Jerry’s Caramel ice cream for dessert, served with a tiny spoon because we didn’t want to overindulge on account of our cholesterol and all.

I did my Valentines Day shopping at Venus Envy.

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