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Decluttering, again

Everything tastes better in my Maureen Marcotte bowl, which I bought at the 260 Fingers pottery show last Fall.

I’ve launched a new decluttering campaign at my place. I’m trying to guide myself with this: “If you use it, keep it. If you love it, keep it. Otherwise, give it away.”

I’ve barely begun, and already it’s hard. But I think it would be wonderful to look around me and see only things I love. Like my Maureen Marcotte bowl.

12 comments to Decluttering, again

  • Doesn’t that feel great? We’re contemplating a RADICAL act in simplifying. We’ve been given an opportunity to look after a house on the South Shore right by the Waldorf School there. It would mean the kids and I stayed there during the week and at the farm on the weekends. I’ve been looking around trying to figure out the financial implications. Besides futons I can outfit the second house with things we already have. Isn’t that insane??? How did I manage to accumulate this much stuff?

    • Hey, if I can accumulate this much stuff as just one person, you can easily do it with four kids! (Sounds like an interesting opportunity, by the way – are you going to do it?)

  • I think you should come down to Tennessee & work on my place; I’m sure it’d be easier for you to part with my stuff, than it is for me! That is a particularly nice bowl. I know a potter, and frequently buy nice stuff from him. I should put a picture of the teapot he made, on my blog.

  • Being able to look around and be surrounded by things that you love is a wonderful rule to live by.
    That bowl is beautiful… and i know just what you mean.. i have a pottery cup that does the same thing for me.

  • Thanks! So lovely to see you again.

    Your idea that other people can also love this thing well is a freeing one. Think that’ll help my next round of decluttering too.

  • grace

    You’re keeping Oboe, right? Enjoy the process!

  • Home organizing to prevent clutter should be done very frequently. Decluttering only becomes easier if we keep doing it on a perpetual basis. We become better at realizing what we should keep opposed to “trash” and it saves us time in our future efforts. I say trash in quotes because we should never throw away anything. Instead, recycle, freecycle, sell, or give it as a freebie on Craigslist. :) One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

  • My Move, thanks for commenting. We’re just exploring your link now, and it’s chock-full of useful info. (We thought it was spam when we first saw it, but it’s not.)