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Rosie's a happy dog

Rosie’s a very happy dog. I can tell because she smiles and her whole back half wriggles when she wags her tail.

GC took her to the vet yesterday for her third set of shots, and she has gained another 1.2 kg, which is a total gain of 2.2 kg since we adopted her from the Humane Society on December 27th. She is now at her ideal weight. She looks fabulous and she smells good and her fur is nice and soft. She’s a sweetheart.

Both Duncan and Rosie go to work with GC every morning. When he brings them back in the evening, Rosie runs to me and gives me a big happy kiss. Then she runs back to GC and greets him like she hasn’t seen him all day. She adores him, and he thinks she’s perfect. (Maybe not quite perfect. But her little imperfections make her all the more perfect.)

She’s intrigued by the birds, but in a gentle, inquisitive way. She likes to look in their cages. Simon is a cautious bird by nature, but he’s not afraid of Rosie. He’ll come down from his perch to the floor of his cage to look at her, beak to nose. If Simon moves quickly, Rosie jumps back. Sometimes he tosses a bit of food out to her. Sometimes she sticks her tongue through the bars and scoops up a bit of food from his floor.

Rosie and DuncanRosie and Duncan are good friends, too, and partners in crime when the opportunity presents itself. They’re both scavengers, always on the lookout for food. (You should never put an unfinished bowl of oatmeal down around here.)

Sometimes we wonder what Rosie’s life was like before, and how she ended up in a shelter. GC thinks there might have been a child in her former family, because she studies groups of children like she’s looking for a particular one. We don’t think she was abused. She’s a very loving and affectionate dog, and she’s not afraid of anything except maybe being left alone. There were fireworks, for Winterlude, last night, and she wasn’t even afraid of them. Both Logan and Sam were petrified of fireworks. Rosie’s a friendly, outgoing dog, but she’s smart too. Last night a stranger at the dog park asked if he could give her a treat, and she wouldn’t take it from him, only from GC.

I like pretty much everything about Rosie. I especially like how happy she is, and how much she appreciates everything. Whether it’s a kiss on the nose, or a cuddle on the couch, or dinner, or a walk, or an offering from Simon…it’s easy to make that dog smile and wriggle with joy.

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