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New Job

The place I’ve been working since September – Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation – is great. It’s a private non-profit housing organization, and I was a tenant of theirs for years.  I’ve always liked the organization, and I couldn’t ask for better colleagues. But, it was always intended to be a temporary job, and it’s coming to an end soon.

Fortunately the end of this job dovetails perfectly with the beginning of the next one. I’m going to be working at the Canada Revenue Agency through April, May and June.

I went in there earlier this week to complete paperwork and swear an affirmation. I had to fill out 21 forms. The funny part was that one of the forms made a point of mentioning their commitment to environmentally sustainable practices, and therefore the “suppression of print” was mandatory to all employees, with few exceptions.  All 21 forms were printed on paper, including the one that said that. (That one, in fact, was printed in quadruplicate.)

This job is obviously not going to have the same friendly, homey feel as the job I have now, that’s a given. I’ll be one drone among thousands in a hive of bureaucratic activity. But still. It should be interesting to work in such a bureaucratic and windowless environment.  And I like interesting almost as much as I like good.

8 comments to New Job

  • Eileen

    Ah, my good friend, Zoom! I guess you’ll be working on the tax returns that we file, so could you please give me details as to how I can send mine directly to you.

  • Funny you should mention that, Eileen. One of the 21 forms was about not accessing the tax files of anybody I know!

  • Eileen

    Oh, darn! Just when I thought I was finally going to get a break.

  • mycho saniac

    well put,baby! good is false dichotomy: ‘interesting(times’) would probably mean more to(red house over yonder)tom, too

  • Deb

    Am I the only one that didn’t understand that? Mycho’s comment?

    • Mycho can be cryptic at times, so there’s always room for personal interpretation. Here’s my take: Red house over yonder is a jimi hendrix tune. Tom might be Tom Waits (murder in the red barn). Both Jimi and Tom Waits were they type to prefer interesting things (times, experiences, relationships, etc.) over good things. Nothing perfect can be perfect, because it’s too perfect.

      Does that help?

      (Mycho, am I close?)

  • Deb

    thanks for explaining…never would have got there on my own :)

  • Welcome to government peon-hood!!