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Homemade pottery

Here’s the rest of the pottery we made at Chandler Swain’s Pottery Camp. ┬áMostly I see these pieces as funny little wobbly things that we made with our very own hands. Their charm lies in their obvious lack of proficiency.

The day we picked them up, I made stuffed green peppers for dinner and I was scanning about for something to cook them in when I  noticed my homemade casserole dish. It was the perfect size for two green peppers.

I never expected to actually cook food in any of my pottery pieces. I was (and continue to be) impressed by the fact that I made a piece of pottery that can be trusted to go into the oven with food in it. That’s not just a funny little wobbly thing, that’s a serious piece of pottery with a job!

4 comments to Homemade pottery

  • Deb

    They are beautiful…I love the nesting bowls that look like a head of cabbage.

    I am definitely taking a week next year to; finally after 55 years, go to camp with my sister.

  • I really like that one too.There were actually two more nesting bowls, with thin lacy edges, but they broke. That set of bowls was my Wednesday migraine project. Everybody else was making teapots that day. I’m looking forward to going to camp with you! (I have a good idea too. I’ll tell you about it next time we talk.)

  • lucy

    Hey! Your sheep are back!! :-)

    Wow, you actually USE your pottery; I thought they were just for decoration.

    • The sheep are back, at least temporarily. I haven’t decided what to do next, but I was feeling a little nostalgic for the sheep. As for the pottery, I know! Me too!