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Fringe Review: Chesterfield

I won 2 tickets from Apt. 613 to see Chesterfield at Fringe Fest, along with a gift certificate for a ZaZaZa pizza! We haven’t eaten the pizza yet, but we did go see Chesterfield and we got front row centre seats in a pleasantly air-conditioned sold-out theatre.

GC and I had absolutely no expectations going into this play, since we hadn’t read anything about it beforehand. It turned out to be a horror spoof, and the chesterfield was not a prop but a significant character in the play. I don’t want to say too much because the element of surprise should be maintained. But I will tell you this: my hat goes off to the creative genius who figured out how to bring that chesterfield to life. And speaking of life, there is a live animal in the play that makes everybody in the audience collectively go “Awwwwwww.”

After the show we had a beer in the beer gardens and did a little people-watching and talked about the play. I liked it more than GC did. He wasn’t sure he’d recommend it. I would, and not just because they were nice enough to give me free tickets. Sometimes I go to plays or events that seem long. I steal peeks at my watch and try to will the time to go faster. This was not one of those times. The play kept my interest and attention for the full hour. I was completely entertained. The audience seemed to love it too, and even GC, who didn’t like it as much as I did, agreed it was entertaining.

So…If you like elements of the absurd in your comedy and you’re looking for something that will entertain you and make you laugh, and is probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, go see Chesterfield. (As an extra added bonus, it’s a creation of Dead Unicorn Ink, which is a local theatre company.)

We’re hoping to get back to Fringe to see Red Bastard, Botched, The Bike Trip and the Insight Theatre play (I forget the name). We’re open to other suggestions too!

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