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Something to warm your heart

You may have already seen this, since it’s making the rounds, but I’m sharing it just in case. Besides, I’ve watched it a bunch of times and I’m not tired of it yet.

This little Brazilian guy is almost two years old.

2 comments to Something to warm your heart

  • Daphne

    Fantastic. Thanks for posting it.

    If you’re looking for heart warming action, you should also watch this video of a cockatiel whistling with accompaniment. I love it.Cockatiels are just so darn earnest.
    if the link doesn’t work, search
    “This Cockatiel Singing the Totoro Theme Will Make Your Day”

  • I love it! Cockatiels are such underrated parrots – they put their whole heart into everything they do. I think it’s so sweet that his person accompanies him on the piano.