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What is she saying?

Kazoo is a 16-year-old Double Yellow Headed Amazon parrot. She talks. We don’t always know what she’s saying exactly, but we always know what she means because she’s remarkably expressive.

Take a look at this video and see if you can tell what she’s yelling at the 7-second, 27-second and 37-second marks. This is something she yells at least a few times a week. Maybe it’s French? (She spent her first 13 years in a Francophone household.)

Sometimes I worry that the neighbours will think it’s me yelling like that…

It gets crazy loud in here when I play this video, because all the birds get excited and then they start answering their own calls, and it’s like having 10 birds in the room instead of five!

4 comments to What is she saying?

  • Jacqui583

    I don’t speak French but can the first part be “la belle femme” (beautiful woman)? Just kind of sounds like that to me.

  • Gilles Seguin

    I *think* she’s saying “Leave Senator Patrick Brazeau alone – SQUAWK!!”
    (but seriously, je n’ai aucune idée. I listened several times but can’t make out any actual, y’know, WORDS. Nice inflexions, though…)

    All the best to you two almost-newlyweds!