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Such sad news

The Humane Society's picture of Duncan, back when his name was Frazier.

First picture of Duncan (OHS 2008)

I have such sad news to share with you.

Duncan Donut, the Glorious Dogcat, the big old Puddin’head, the best cat ever…Duncan died on Thursday afternoon. I know some of you were very fond of Duncan, and I’m so sorry.

He was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease a couple of years ago, but he weathered it pretty well. It was a gradual descent, and he was a trooper. He really only declined sharply in the few days before his death. On Thursday we took him to Dr. Hughes, and she said we could either throw everything at him in terms of treatment and hope for the best, or we could let him go. We decided to let him go. GC and my son and I were all stroking him and crying when he died. Dr. Hughes was sad too.

Duncan deserves a kick-ass memorial blog post, but I don’t feel I can do him justice right now. So I’m just going to link to some old blog posts about him, and share some pictures.

With the Zoom Blanket

With the Zoom Blanket

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Moving day - February 2014

Moving day – February 2014

Tank Top Tuesday

Tank Top Tuesday

Snoozing with GC

Snoozing with GC

Snoozing with Zoom

Snoozing with Zoom

Duncan always loved bath time

Duncan always loved bath time

Playing with yarn

Playing with yarn

Helping block a sweater

Helping block a sweater

Just hanging out

Just hanging out

Duncan in a sunbeam

Duncan in a sunbeam

35 comments to Such sad news

  • So very sorry to hear it, Zoom. Duncan was a real character and we’ll miss him. Sending hugs to you and GC.

  • Louisa

    I’m so sad for you, Zoom. Duncan was larger than life – literally! I remember when you adopted him. He will be missed for sure.

  • Oh Zoom! I’m so sorry! Lots of hugs to you and your little zoo!

  • Lucy

    I am so sorry to hear this! My deepest condolences! Although I never met Duncan, I always loved to hear about him and see new pictures of him. He was such a handsome cat.

  • GC

    I was a “dog person”. Duncan was not like any other dog I knew. He didn’t really care about pleasing me as Logan did or as Rosie does. He taught me that no matter how cozy one is, they can always be just a little bit cozier with an animal curled up on one’s chest. He followed his heart at all times. Rosie used to hump him at dinner time. It was a dominance thing and a way to tell Duncan that if any food falls on the floor, it’s Rosie’s first. Duncan didn’t care about that, he would just jump up on the table and get the food BEFORE it had the chance to fall on the floor. I might even be slightly tempted to say that I’ll miss him trying to lick my toast every morning while I stood up to get something else. We weren’t always friends. In the beginning Duncan was jealous of me because I got to share half a pillow with HIS girl and I was jealous of him because he got to share the other half of the pillow with MY girl. He would pee on my clothes and I would try to get him banished from the bedroom. After a while we realized that we shared the same good taste and finally became good friends. We would all lie together at night. I would read bedtime stories and Duncan would sit on top of me and Zoom and poke his head over the top of the book and meow. Duncan was my only cat. He taught me that one who is only a “dog person” is missing out on a whole lot of cat. I’ll miss you Duncan!

  • So sorry, Zoom! Pets are our familiars, especially cats (who know who owns whom). You gave him a good life.

  • Connie

    We will all miss Duncan, even though I only knew him from photos. His big personality was so clear in your posts. He had a good life in his last years with you two.

  • auntiemichal

    So sorry for your loss. Duncan was a great (in several of its meanings) cat, and we’ll all miss his THUMP THUMP THUMP around the house and the blog. Hugs and treats to you all.

  • Kelly

    So sorry for your loss. He looked like a fabulous cat. I’m sure he had the best life with you and your family :)

  • Gillian V

    Really sorry to hear it Zoom. it’s not an easy time.

  • thatdarncat

    I’m so sorry to hear this news Zoom. I’ve followed your blog, and the adventures of Duncan and your animal family for some time. I know you will miss Duncan terribly.

  • kayT

    Yes, Duncan deserves a tribute, and these pictures and your words and GC’s words are a wonderful tribute. Sorry, I seem to have something in my eye.

  • Deb

    I woke up at three this morning and read all the old Duncan posts…I will miss him too.

  • Mikatana

    Dear Zoom and GC and the rest of the zoo, I am so sorry. I will seeing and hearing about Duncan on the blog. He was the biggest cat I have ever “seen”.

  • Such sad news! Duncan will be missed. Hugs to you & GC, and extra cuddles & scritches to the rest of the Zoom-zoo. I will be donating to the Nashville Humane Society in Duncan’s name.

  • So sorry to hear this, Zoom. Duncan was a majestic creature and you were very lucky to have each other.

    • Thank you Roro. Majestic. That’s a good word for Duncan.

      I’ve been responding to the comments from the bottom of the list, working my way up. And now I’m crying and I can hardly see the screen and I have to stop for awhile.

      I’ll be back!

  • Thank you, all of you. I find it very comforting to read your kind words about Duncan. He was an awfully special cat and nobody knew it better than his fans in the blogosphere. :)

  • My heart goes out to you all, darlin’. You were lucky to have each other, and I know he knew how much you loved him. Hugs and warmest thoughts.

  • Mo

    Hi Zoom,

    I am very sorry to hear the sad news about Duncan.
    I know how wonderful life is when you have a super lovable, cuddly orange dog cat in your life.

    Life is not the same without them but we are so blessed that they shared their hearts with ours.

    Thinking of you,


    • Thanks Mo. Even though we knew after he was diagnosed with CKD that this day would come, it still snuck up on us and ambushed us. I don’t know why we didn’t see it coming, but we kept thinking it was off in the distant future. I wish I could go back in time and give him more time and attention and love during his last couple of months…I was so busy with work and packing and moving. I feel bad about that now. :(

  • I’m so sorry to hear about Duncan. He was a glorious example of feline pulchritude (and I actually mean that). What a wonderful addition to your family he was.

    • He really was, Donna Lee. I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I adopted him, how he’d been at the Humane Society for three weeks and nobody had scooped him up yet. It was unfathomable!

  • I am saddened. Duncan was a worthy adversary for certain coyotes. I never quite did figure out where he pulled those brass knuckles from.

    I hope his next life is as full and happy as the one you gave him, ma’am…

    • Coyote, I know you and Duncan always had something of a grudging mutual admiration society. 😉

      I do hope there’s another life after this one. I hope we all get another go-around, and a chance to reconnect.

  • Helen

    So sorry to hear the very sad news about Duncan. I have long admired him from afar (well, England), he was such a lovely, handsome cat and will be much missed.

    • Thank you Helen – you might have been Duncan’s most distant admirer.
      I had always been partial to brown tabby cats before I met Duncan and he opened up my heart to big orange cats. If I ever get another cat, it will be a big orange one who goes thump thump thump when he walks.

  • Zoom, I’m so very sorry to hear about the loss of Duncan. I’m very grateful to Duncan for giving us stories that have enriched our lives so much — and will continue to since he’s been immortalized! That photo of Duncan in the Christmas suit is a classic and brings tears to my eyes.

    • You’re right, he really did enrich our lives, and that doesn’t have to end! The King is dead, long live the King!

      Thanks, Aggie!

  • Karen

    I am so sorry to hear about Duncan. I was so wrapped up in stuff with Zorro that I completely missed your post. I started to follow your blog because of your stories about Duncan. I met you and then GC because of Duncan. Duncan had a way of bringing people together, even if he did his damndest to shoo GC away at the beginning. I am so sorry for your pain. Our vet gave us a card with a beautiful and very true saying:
    “Cats take you heart and cherish it. They walk with it and they sleep with it and they will never let out of their sight.

    When it’s their time, they will take a little piece of it with them to remember you by and leave a piece for you to remember them by.”

    – author unknown”

    I’m sure Duncan stole a huge chunk of your heart and left you a huge chunk of his.

    • Not that I’m a believer in the Rainbow Bridge or anything, but I do like to think that maybe Duncan and Zorro are getting acquainted, since they died the same week. Maybe they’ve gone fishing together, or mousing, or something. 😉

  • Karen

    Too funny that you had that thought because that was exactly what I thought this weekend when I was thinking about the 2 of them. It’s a nice thought, somehow comforting.

  • mosprott

    Oh, Zoom, I’m so sorry about Duncan…but you’re all the richer for having known him and for loving him. My best to the family.

  • Linda Anne

    Zoom – so sorry to read about Duncan. My husband and I loved looking at all the pictures over the last few years. He was a very special fella. Having lost two of our kitties, we know how hard it is. Take care.