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Someone bought my house

Living Room

Living Room

So I kind of got busy there for awhile and didn’t write much about what was going on. Among other things, we fixed up my house and put it on the market. By fixed up, I mean painted the inside from head to toe, re-faced the kitchen cabinets, replaced the kitchen floor, refinished the hardwood floors, replaced the toilet and vanity in the bathroom, and fixed damage that the pets had done. And when I say we did all that, I mean we paid other people to do it, which is still a lot of work.

We then put it on the market, and a week later it sold. (It wasn’t quite that simple: there were negotiations, a home inspection, an issue with the insulation in the attic, wringing of hands, rolling of eyes, and writing of cheques to guys in Haz-mat suits.)

But as of April 25th, it will officially belong to somebody else. I have kind of mixed feelings about it. The house was nothing fancy, just your basic, down-to-earth working class house. Still, it suited me…I always felt that that house and I had a lot in common, including being of the same vintage. But once I started packing and moving and fixing it up and getting out, I just wanted someone to buy it so I could get the whole thing over with.

Anyway. It was a good house and I was happy there. I hope the new people are happy in it too. I wonder if I’m the only one who thinks of houses as having a kind of karma or character. Like…if you move into a house in which a miserable family lived, and where there was violence and abuse, I wonder if that energy somehow lingers in the house. (I’m tempted to delete that, because it sounds crazy. But even if I don’t *think* it’s true, I *feel* that it is. So I’m leaving it.)






14 comments to Someone bought my house

  • I think a lot of people feel as you do – that houses have energy – it’s why people have to disclose if a murder took place in the home. It does decrease the value for many people.
    And while I think there is some truth to it, I think what you bring to the home is more important – energy can be changed.

  • Congratulations — I think…

    If someone bought my house I’d be much more worried, since I rent!

    – RG>

  • Carmen

    I, for one, believe the energy theory. Why do we “feel” something when entering a house? And yes, energy can be changed. Every time we move, I have the house we leave and the house we are moving into smudged.

  • Deb

    Definitely people feel homes carry energy. There are so many buyers that walk into a home and walk right out because of “energy”. Valerie is right in saying that’s why we must disclose murders and suicides in homes.

  • I think houses have energy. My home was owned by a couple who grew old in it and died there. After we got past the whole “dead people space” the long time relationship vibe settled in. We’ve been there for 28 years so far.

    Your house looks happy and full of light, just like you.

  • I KNOW that places are imprinted with energy. In my body I know it. I also know that things that we knit or food we make carry our energy.

    The house looks light and airy and cheerful, well-loved.

  • Kathleen

    Zoom and GC, congratulations on selling your lovely house so quickly. I am really happy for both of you. The house shows really nice, love the hardwood floors.

  • it looks great. no wonder it was snapped up.

  • Lynn Taylor

    Have you dropped this blog. I never see any new entries.

  • That’s a fair question. But NO. I haven’t. I’ve been depressed and stressed and I’ve been neglecting it, but I still care about it and I will be back.

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  • Lynn Taylor

    Zoom I hope you feel better soon and I want you to know that I enjoy this blog.

  • I thought everyone knew that houses had a karma or energy to them. I walked out of countless houses when we were looking and I still think about my old house and hope the new family is as happy in it as we were, and the family before that, and the one before that too …

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