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Great Glebe Garage Sale - 2014 Edition

Here are some of the things we got and did at the Great Glebe Garage Sale yesterday:

An authentic persian rug, 4×6, for $25
A pretty leash for Rosie for $1
2 gorgeous light switch plates, painted with birds, 50 cents each
5 books for $5
2 sweatshirts and a t-shirt for $10 (yes I overpaid, but I loved the […]

A sliver of captured time

A fellow traveler from the ancient past resurfaced the other day. She happened to stumble across my blog, and read a story in which she recognized herself. So she emailed me and asked who I was. We’ve been corresponding and catching up ever since.

Today she sent me a collage of photographs she took of me […]

A swimming giraffe, an ex's ex, and a one-room schoolhouse

Last night I dreamed that I had a huge aquarium which I’d neglected because I forgot it was there, even though it was huge. Probably 20 feet long, with two levels.

Once I remembered it was there I added some water and fed the fish. Then I went shopping at a little confectionery that was […]

Hooked on the Hipstamatic

My sister, Mudmama, detests telephones. I’m not crazy about them either, but I’m not as phobic as she is. I can answer the phone, and if I really, really have to, I can make a call.

I don’t know why we have this fear of phones. Maybe it was because we had a party line […]

The Sock Monkey Tintype Woman

Remember Kimberly Malysheff, the charming Sock Monkey Woman? Well she’s back, and this time it’s not about sock monkeys.

Kimberly and I share a love for tintypes, which are photographs on metal and which were all the rage back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Tintypes replaced daguerreotypes and ambrotypes, and made photography more accessible […]

The Sex Trade Worker Rally

After work today, GC and I attended two very different events: Marion Dewar’s Lying in State at City Hall, followed by the Sex Trade Workers Rally on Parliament Hill.

The lineup inside City Hall led directly to Marion Dewar’s five children, where we could offer our condolences before filing past the closed casket and signing […]

Antique Photos: Kids and Toys II

Last week I resurrected the Antique Photo of the Week feature, with a series of photos of children and their toys. Today I’m finishing that theme off and maybe next week we’ll ring in the new year with some post mortems or something.

This little Montreal girl does not look at all pleased to be […]

Antique photos of the week: Kids and Toys

It has been many, many weeks since we had an antique photo of the week: I’ve been remiss.

Since Christmas is coming, let’s do some children with their toys.

I don’t know much about dolls, so I can’t identify them. I have a collection of boudoir dolls from the 1920s and 30s, but the dolls in […]

My Galley Rogues’ Gallery

I don’t have a lot of kitchen wall space. Actually I don’t have a lot of kitchen space of any sort. But I do have one wall, and on that one wall, I have three framed photographs. I call it my Galley Rogues’ Gallery.

The three framed photographs are as follows:

1) A professional portrait of […]

Bluesfest Day 8: Henry

I met Henry eight years ago, five minutes after Bluesfest 99 started. I was sitting on the bleachers and he sat down beside me. A few minutes later, I pulled out my camera.

“You can’t take a picture of the band from here with that little pea-shooter,” said Henry.

“I’m not,” I said, “I’m taking a […]