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Bunny fokz is weeyud

Let me just say this right upfront: I used to think bird people were a little odd. Bird people don’t hold a candle to bunny folk. I’m not naming names because I don’t know if bunny folk even know how odd they are. But ever since my charming little bunny, Ivan, came into my life, […]

Wedding, penis, knitting and fine arts

I wrote down all my thoughts about my visit to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and it was a big fat mess of contradictions, so I will continue to think on it before posting the second instalment.

In other news, our favourite local quilt shop has offered to host our wedding in their shop. We were thinking of […]

I did a bunch of things

I’m taking a brief break from the Ask Me Anything series to tell you that at 7:50 this morning, my favourite son will turn 30 years old. (He’d still be my favourite even if I had more than one, but I probably wouldn’t say it out loud.)

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I […]

Ask Me Anything #1: Where's the knitting, Knitnut?

Yesterday, in response to Ask Me Anything,  Thatdarncat asked “Where’s the knitting, Knitnut?”

Excellent question!

Seven years ago I decided to blog, and since I was really into knitting at the time, I started a knitting blog.

I soon realized I didn’t have a whole lot to say about knitting. Some people, like the Yarn Harlot, can talk about […]

A long hard week with a happy ending

Thursday was one of those days. I’m still figuring out the buses on my commute to and from work, and I somehow got myself turned around at the Billings Bridge Transitway and ended up taking the 148 in the wrong direction. And then, when I got to work, I realized I’d forgotten my security pass […]

I want some bunny to love

Who thinks I should get a baby angora rabbit?

I met a grown-up one at KnitKnackers the other day. Her name is Pandora and I fell head over heels in love with her. I want one just like her. She’s big and soft and she was recently shorn so she’s half-naked with wonderful hairy ears, and […]

A Misleading Headline: Knitting and a Humongous Cat

You can see Jeebus’ orthopedic device in this picture

I’m basically lurching from one bird cage to the next, feeding, cleaning, cuddling and talking to birds all day long, so I haven’t got much to blog about, except birds. But I don’t want you all thinking I’m turning into a bird blogger – first of […]

Another year flashes before my eyes: 2010


GC and I went to anti-prorogue rallies and Constable Eric Czapnik’s funeral. We drove to Brockville where Grace fixed my socks. I acquired art from the Astronaut Love Triangle and GC built a scary fire. We tried to save the Hartman’s Piano, signed up for a creative writing course, got into Indian cooking, participated in […]


Kazoo likes pomegranate seeds and opera music. Not just any opera music, though – he is particularly fond of arias sung by divas with very high voices. So we spent our morning eating pomegranates and listening to music that could shatter glass, while I knit matching leggings and a hat for my favourite one-year-old.

Then […]

Politics, Art, Judgment and Socks

Saturday I went out for breakfast at Summerhayes with some of the local bloggers. I finally got to meet Finola and Trashy. Two of the bloggers at breakfast are running for office in the upcoming municipal elections – Julia Ringma for City Councillor in College Ward, and Trashy for school board in Alta Vista. […]