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A whole bunch of stuff

The Baseline Cowboys raised $300 in empties and spare change for Christie Lake Kids on Wednesday! Rumour has it they’ve also volunteered to help out with Christie Lake’s cooking program. It seems everybody who meets the Baseline Cowboys has something to say about how likable they are.

Here’s a photo of them sitting in the […]

The Bank Street Bully walks away

Police watchdog drops blogger case (Ottawa Citizen, September 25, 2009)

And so ends another chapter in the life of the Bank Street Bully.

There are no surprises here. But how come, in the Citizen article, everything I said or wrote is qualified by words like “allegedly” or “claimed,” which makes it sound like I’m lying? And […]

Bank Street Bully – final update

Officer Post: The Bank Street Bully

I called the Ottawa Police the other day to request a status update on the investigation into the Bank Street Bully incident in December.

The investigating officer told me, in essence, that the investigation by the Professional Standards Section has gone nowhere and will be closed soon. The unconscious […]

The next post

You know what? It’s hard to write the next post after the Bank Street Bully posts.

Until this week, the most attention this blog ever got was when the Yarn Harlot mentioned it last January and two thousand knitters came to visit on a single day. The most comments a single post had ever generated […]

Bank Street Bully Update

Over the past couple of days, thousands of people have visited this blog to read about the Bank Street Bully, and many of you subsequently blogged about it on your own blogs. It has generated a lot of discussion, both on this blog and others.

Apparently a number of you also contacted the Ottawa Police […]

Bank Street Bully

I arrived at the corner of Bank and MacLaren this afternoon as three police officers were trying to put an unconscious, handcuffed woman into the back of a van. She looked like a rag doll.

Then they changed their minds and laid her out on the sidewalk and sent for an ambulance. The female officer slid […]