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The annual statistical snapshot of

My blogiversary snuck past me! I launched on October 11th, 2005. I like to celebrate its birthday every year by taking a little statistical snapshot and highlighting any highlights from the previous year.

As of October 11th, 2009, there were 1013 posts on, and 9458 comments.

# of POSTS
Year 1: 205
Year 2: 235
Year […]

Zucchini-Bikini Update and Blogging Out Loud

1. The Ebay auction for the Great Big Zucchini in the Little Wee Bikini is ending today around noon. There have been four bids so far, with the current bid standing at $2.22. People! At $1.79 a pound, this zucchini is worth at least $9.12! Not to mention the original bikini by Ottawa designer Julia […]

How to Blog Out Loud if you’re shy

Blog Out Loud is the brainchild of Lynn, from Diary of a Turtlehead. This event, which will be taking place next Thursday July 23rd at Raw Sugar, brings together about 25 local bloggers who will each read one of their blog posts out loud.

Out loud! With a microphone! While the audience LOOKS at them! […]

The Road Trip

Poutine & Steamies

GC and I found sitters for the pets and headed for the hills on Friday afternoon. We drove through Quebec along the winding, scenic 148, through the stinky town of Thurso, and then stopped at a casse-croute in Papineauville for a traditional supper of Steamies and Poutine. (Poutine, for those of […]

Knitnut made the short list!

I advanced to the final round of the F-Word (Feminist) Blogging Awards! This means I’m going to ask you to vote one last time.

They’ve tightened up security for the final round of voting because of suspected freeping. Knitnut is a finalist in the Best Personal Blog category, but I think you have to […]

The agony and the ecstasy

The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner for Shepherds of Good Hope was a lot of fun. I’d show you pictures, but I lost my camera. I think I left it either at the dinner or at the physiotherapist’s office the next morning.

I’ve been seeing the physiotherapist for a few weeks now because I threw my back […]


My blog got nominated for an F-word award! The F stand for feminist. Now I know I don’t talk a lot about feminism here, but I’m tickled pink by this nomination because I’ve been a feminist even longer than I’ve been a woman.

If you’d like to vote for in the Best Personal Feminist Blog […]

Speed bumps

I just found out that some readers using Internet Explorer haven’t been able to visit my blog lately. They’re getting the following error message: “You are banned due to suspicion of spamming the site and/or by choice of the blog administrator. If you believe this ban to be in error, email the blog administrator.”

Of […]

Bloggers’ Breakfast and Barbie’s Birthday

On Saturday morning I joined twenty-five other local bloggers for breakfast at an undisclosed location. I enjoyed catching up with those I hadn’t seen for awhile, and adding a face and a little more dimension to those I’ve only known online. I got lots of extra bacon too, thanks to the vegetarian bloggers.

My bloggable new neighbours

Remember my next-door-neighbour, Brian? The one who got rid of my wasp nests and mowed my lawn and was just generally competent and helpful and quiet?

He moved.

The landlords then spent the month of February fixing the place up. They painted walls and replaced appliances and carpeting, and things like that. The For Rent sign […]