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This, that, and free tickets too

Thanks for all the word donations. There were some truly inspired and fabulous words in there, including two bananas. If you haven’t given me one yet, please do. I’ll be sure to blog about the project once it gets underway, so you’ll know your words went to a good cause. At this point, all I […]

Puppy mills, pointy claws and finger-pointing

My friend Donna invited me over for dinner last night and we drank wine and ate fish and talked about Romanian orphanages, Columbian drug cartel prisoners, child abuse, depressing movies, Karla Homolka, addiction, poverty, prisons, Stephen Harper, the economy, child slavery, puppy mills and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

One heavy topic seemed to lead into the […]

Same old bus strike, but fresh new

Word on the street is that talks between the bus union and the City have broken down again. This is getting ridiculous. If the so-called negotiators on both sides of the imaginary table are incapable of carrying on the kind of serious and sustained discussion that leads to a successfully negotiated contract, they […]

Is the bus strike coming to an end?

Poor XUP is feeling demoralized by the bus strike, and she’s not the only one. Aside from the grueling daily inconvenience to everybody – which has now stretched over a month – there’s an impending health and safety factor. Temperatures over the next few days are expected to plummet into the -30s, and that’s not […]

Take that, Mayor Larry

I spent a frosty lunch hour at City Hall today, at a rally to support the striking OC Transpo bus drivers and mechanics.

I don’t even care if the City’s offer was fair. No trade unionist with any sense of what it means to be a trade unionist could possibly, in good conscience, have voted […]

Dr. Seuss to Mayor Larry: Mad not Sad

The bus strike and the blizzard seem almost divinely synchronized for maximum impact on the city. I predict chaos and paralysis if this strike is not averted. It was bad enough trying to get home tonight, with just the blizzard.

Mayor Larry, on his blog, keeps saying things like “It would be sad if there were […]