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The fusses on the buses

Things have been a little crazy on the city buses lately.

First there was the driver who was videotaped shouting, swearing and intimidating the student. (If you haven’t seen that video yet, here it is).

Then there was the driver of the #5 who, when challenged by a frustrated customer for arriving 40 minutes late, […]

Moving the bus station?

Mayor Larry wants to move the Voyageur/Greyhound bus station out to the east end, where the train station is. He says it’s because “a transportation hub combining train, buses and the city’s proposed light-rail transit would be good for all parties and would benefit Ottawa residents and visitors.”

This explanation doesn’t make sense to […]

Weighing in on a controversial issue

You know, I have no trouble wading into controversial political waters and sharing my opinions on all kinds of subjects. I’ll talk about crime, drug policy, our idiot mayor, unions, poverty, social programs, welfare cheating, public spending, the bus strike, whatever.

But I’ve been reluctant to say what I think about the deeply divisive issue […]

Parenting extremes

The buses are back and they’re free* this week too, so I’ve been riding them. I even rode the O-Train on Sunday.

(*Free in a sense, anyway. Apparently the strike might lead to a tax hike. Injury, meet insult.)

I’d forgotten about all the good people-watching opportunities on the buses. This morning, for example, there […]

A thousand words

Someone emailed this to me today. I don’t know who to credit for the snow sculpture or the photograph, but they probably live in Ottawa.

I should have stayed home today. I had to take the bus both ways because the sidewalks hadn’t been plowed and the 28 centimeters of snow-mixed-with-ice-bullets was too deep and heavy […]

Would you give up reading for your cat?

I know some of you think I’m turning into a cat blogger, so I promise you this will be the last cat post this month. I swear. The cat is just a small part of my perfectly normal life, which is full of work and art and blogging and scrabble and knitting and chores and […]

Four o’clock in the morning

So. What were YOU doing at four o’clock this morning? Hiding from your cat? What a coincidence!

Yesterday was exhausting. I spent the day in meetings in Montreal, which is highly unusual for me, and didn’t get back home till around 7:30.

I could tell you about the gut-wrenching stress I experienced as a result of […]