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I made a mistake

Remember when Duncan met the baby Jacob and was completely unhinged by him and could not take his huge freaked-out saucer eyes off him? Even after Jacob and his mother left, Duncan watched with great consternation from the window till the stroller disappeared around the corner.

I just assumed Duncan was afraid of babies.

But […]

Duncan: Zen philosopher

Duncan is such a big old puddin’ head. He can be so sweet and lovable at times and he can be so annoying at other times.

Sometimes he follows me around the house meowing incessantly for no good reason. If I’m sitting at the computer and he doesn’t want me there, he harasses me for […]

Duncan takes off his winter underwear

Remember when I told you that Norwegian Forest Cats are known for taking off their long underwear in the Springtime?

“The back legs are adorned with knickers. A once or twice-weekly comb-through is sufficient except in springtime, when the cat begins to ‘take off its winter underwear’.” (Source)

They make it sound so sweet, don’t they? Like […]

Rumours of exoticism surround Duncan

A week or so ago Susanna suggested in the comments that Duncan might be an orange Norwegian Forest Cat. I’d never heard of the breed, but I liked how exotic it sounded. I searched for images and concluded that oh yes, Duncan comes from a long line of Norwegian Forest Cats. These are not dainty […]

What Duncan did that was so bad

Okay, so I mentioned in passing that Duncan was a bad cat, and it seems to have piqued the interest of a number of readers. Judging by the comments and emails, “Duncan was bad last night” is the most intriguing thing I’ve said in a long time.

So. What did Duncan do?

Well. As you know, Duncan […]

How can you tell if your cat is smart?

Last night my son and I went out to celebrate some excellent news in his life. We met at the Carleton Tavern and then went to Absynthe’s for dinner.

While we were celebrating, the subject of cats came up. And while we were talking about cats, I happened to mention that Duncan licked my butt […]

A most unusual cat

I’ve had lots of cats who liked me, and some who liked me a LOT. But Duncan’s the first one to follow me around like a dog. And he’s the first one to go to bed with me every single night, and the first one to share my pillow. We fall asleep face to […]

Back to work blues

For the past sixteen days my life has been very much about what’s happening inside my own four walls. But tomorrow I have to go back to work, and today that feels kind of ominous.

For one thing, my alarm clock is going to start making an obnoxious noise at 6:14 a.m. For another thing, my […]

Duncan the Dogcat

I promise I’m not turning into a cat blogger, but please indulge me while I blog about my cat one more time.

He’s such a dog, this cat! Not only does he follow me everywhere but he licks my face! And you know how dogs shake their whole body when they’re wet? Every couple of hours […]