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Wedding, penis, knitting and fine arts

I wrote down all my thoughts about my visit to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and it was a big fat mess of contradictions, so I will continue to think on it before posting the second instalment.

In other news, our favourite local quilt shop has offered to host our wedding in their shop. We were thinking of […]

Homemade pottery

Here’s the rest of the pottery we made at Chandler Swain’s Pottery Camp. ┬áMostly I see these pieces as funny little wobbly things that we made with our very own hands. Their charm lies in their obvious lack of proficiency.

The day we picked them up, I made stuffed green peppers for dinner and I was […]

How I spent my summer vacation

GC and I spent last week at Chandler Swain’s pottery camp, on the banks of the Mississippi River in Blakeney, Ontario. There were nine of us at camp, including Chandler and her dog, William.

Chandler is my favourite potter, and I’ve collected a variety of her pieces over the years. I have teapots, plates, pitchers, bowls […]

Bowls I love

I love this bowl, too. Chandler Swain, my favourite potter, made it. I haven’t actually used it, since it hangs on a wall, but I’m pretty sure my Shreddies would taste great in there.

Here it is with my Chandler Swain fruit bowl, which I also love. There’s a William Morris rabbit in the bottom, […]

Sustainability, Ikea style

Chandler's dog, Willy

We went to Ikea on the way home from Chandler Swain’s house, where I had just purchased two lovely hand-crafted pottery bowls. Chandler Swain is my favourite potter. She lives and works out of a charming little house near Almonte. It is my dream to go stay in Chandler’s B&B one summer […]