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Name That Song: A Contest

I think it’s high time we had a contest around here!

Simon (the African Grey parrot) has spent several hours a day over the past few weeks practicing a song. I’ve recorded one of his practice sessions (see the black video below). The first person to correctly guess the song will win the prize. It […]

I won 62 socks!

I won the grand prize in the MoxyMaüs draw! 62 socks! Every pair of socks in their collection! I’m celebrating my good fortune by having a little contest of my own.

MoxyMaüs is a local sock company. The socks are designed here in Ottawa, but  made in Turkey, which, apparently, is the Sock-Making Capital of the World.

My […]

Announcing the Worst Customer Service Contest

Let’s have a Worst Customer Service contest!

I’m going to nominate Fabricland on Merivale Road for their absence of customer service.

I bought thread there yesterday. In fact, I’m a card-carrying member of Fabricland, and I go there fairly regularly. So they weren’t just having an off-day.

I got to the cash with my three spools of thread. […]

Aly and the fruit contest

Aly Marcotte-Willison is a teacher at Meadowlands Public School, here in Ottawa. She has entered a contest for teachers, sponsored by Del Monte. The prize is $750 and a bunch of fruit.

This is the very last week of the contest. Aly’s currently in fifteenth place (out of hundreds), but she needs to make it to […]

Mystery Shot Contest continues…

Clue #2

Despite many clever guesses, there are still no winners in Zoom’s First Mystery Shot Contest. Therefore, the contest continues with Clue #2. See the original post for Clue #1 and contest rules, prizes and fine print.

In other news, remember my crow pottery than some of you lusted after? Well, the artist, Chandler Swain, […]