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Goodbye, wheelchair

I sent the rented wheelchair back on Thursday. Since I’m not supposed to sit anymore, it seemed pointless to be spending $40 a month on a chair. Besides, I don’t need it anymore. The surgery, while not 100% successful (at least not yet – there are probably still some improvements coming) has increased my ability […]

I’m not waiting anymore

I’m sick of being sick. It’s not just the cancer. My back problem makes the cancer seem merely inconvenient. The protruding disk is so big it’s almost completely blocking my spinal cavity, and it’s pinching the nerves in there. Bottom line? Severe nerve pain in my left leg, especially when I walk.

So I don’t […]

The Vinyl Cafe on wheels

Last night we went over to the Museum of Civilization to be part of the studio audience for two tapings of The Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean. Mostly we wanted to see our good friend, local blogger Hella Stella, who was the special musical guest.

From what we could tell, most of the audience was […]