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The pee-free dog and the insatiable cat

Something’s wrong with Rosie, and something’s wrong with Duncan, too.

We took Rosie to the vet yesterday because she started making this awful honking coughing noise while we were out walking, and it continued intermittently. Dr. Google said it was kennel cough (bordetella), and the vet agreed. She’s on antibiotics for it now, and the vet […]

Duncan Dogcat goes to the drive-through

The other night we decided to stop in at the Tim Horton’s drive-through for a Boston Cream donut. Duncan was along for the ride, because he loves riding in cars. He was in the back seat, standing on his hind legs, with his little pink nose pressed up against the window.

The cashier handed GC […]

Duncan and the Diabolical Genius

Sometimes Duncan seems like his perfectly normal old self, hopping in the car to go for a ride to the donut shop, catching a mouse or having a 17-hour nap punctuated by occasional stretches, yawns and visits to the food bowl. But then he’ll wake up and decide he cannot rest until he catches Oboe […]

Duncan's Bucket List

Learn to fly.

Time-space travel to Australia in 1993.

Find out if lovebirds taste like chicken.

Get my driver’s license.

Get fat again, but not so fat I can’t squeeze under the garden gate.

Go salmon fishing in BC with the grizzly bears.

Go birdwatching in Scotland.

Have a little friend, like Mr. Peebles.

Mostly good news

The morning after I wrote that last post about all the things my birds have destroyed, I was sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap, and Simon was standing behind it playing peekaboo with me. He’d poke his head over the top and I’d say peekaboo and he’d look all pleased with […]

Love trumps freedom

Logan is practically blind now from the diabetes or the insulin, I’m not sure which, so he moves very slowly. After returning from a walk one day last week, he was taking a long time to step through the back door. As a result, Oboe, the winged speed demon, managed to slip outside. Suddenly the […]

Cowboys and Dogcats

The awesomeness of The Baseline Cowboys, who I blogged about in their early days, is spreading far and wide!

Tomorrow is GC and my GC’s and mine GC’s and my’s our third anniversary. We’re going to celebrate by cruising past the Baseline Cowboys (1605 Baseline Road) on our way out to dinner. Maybe […]

Duncan the Dogcat, living the good life

Duncan and his Vet, January 2008

Ever since I adopted Duncan from the Humane Society, I’ve referred to him as a Dogcat. Half dog, half cat. Right from Day One. He was dog-sized, and he’d come when he was called, and he’d shake his whole body vigorously like a dog, and he’d lick my face, […]

The family that showers together...

Here’s a video of Kazoo, Simon, Oboe, Duncan, Logan and me happily sharing a shower on a hot day.

News from the Zoo

Kazoo and Oboe

I got all the birds’ vet tests back last week, and everybody’s healthy.

The big news is that Kazoo was DNA-sex-tested. With most parrots, including Double Yellow-Headed Amazons, you can’t tell the boys from the girls by looking – even by looking very, very closely. Even a vet can’t tell. They don’t […]