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Zucchini-Bikini Update and Blogging Out Loud

1. The Ebay auction for the Great Big Zucchini in the Little Wee Bikini is ending today around noon. There have been four bids so far, with the current bid standing at $2.22. People! At $1.79 a pound, this zucchini is worth at least $9.12! Not to mention the original bikini by Ottawa designer Julia […]

Zoom and the Really Big Zucchini

Today I have a very special treat to share with you. It comes from my garden.

Check it out. It’s a Really Big Zucchini.

Zoom and the Really Big Zucchini

Is that amazing or what?

We didn’t visit the garden for four days and this is what happened. A three inch zucchini grew to 19 inches! At […]