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Great Glebe Garage Sale - 2014 Edition

Here are some of the things we got and did at the Great Glebe Garage Sale yesterday:

An authentic persian rug, 4×6, for $25
A pretty leash for Rosie for $1
2 gorgeous light switch plates, painted with birds, 50 cents each
5 books for $5
2 sweatshirts and a t-shirt for $10 (yes I overpaid, but I loved the […]

Great Glebe Garage Sale 2012

Lamaze Peekaboo Flower

We had a lot of fun and this is what we got:

Skates for GC
A stuffed snake for Rosie, who loves stuffed snakes and has amassed quite a collection already
Magnetic poetry (Basic + Genius + Movie kits)
A sweet little cast iron teapot, which violates my rule of not buying free weights or objects […]