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Fifty shades of white

GC and I have kind of lived together for years. But our living arrangement has always involved maintaining two houses, with his stuff in his house and my stuff and us and the animals in my house. We want to consolidate so we’ll have one mortgage payment instead of two, and one of each bill […]

It's complicated

Now that we’re married, GC and I are thinking about moving in together. Like actually formally officially living together. Getting rid of the duplicate toaster and bed and microwave and house, and consolidating ourselves and our animals and our stuff into one house.

It’s complicated, though. First we had to decide which house to live […]

How warm is your home?

I had hoped to blog about something interesting today, but nothing is coming to mind because all I can think about is how bloody cold I am.

It’s 34 below zero outside with the wind chill. That’s -29 Farenheit. I’m FREEZING. And I’m not even outside – I’m in my house, which is 18 C, […]