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French parrot needs translator

As you might recall, my double-yellow-headed Amazon parrot, Kazoo, came to me at the age of 13 from a Francophone family. Although she has a fairly limited vocabulary, she’s a very, very expressive bird. She can say Hello like a harried mother, or like a kid getting home from school, or like a sultry sex […]

Kazoo has spoken

This is what Kazoo thinks of Stephen Harper.

For the record, this was not staged. I didn’t even notice that Harper and the other candidates were lining his cage until I went to change the paper today.

Nor did I unduly influence Kazoo with my own well thought out and strongly held opinions; he and I […]


Kazoo likes pomegranate seeds and opera music. Not just any opera music, though – he is particularly fond of arias sung by divas with very high voices. So we spent our morning eating pomegranates and listening to music that could shatter glass, while I knit matching leggings and a hat for my favourite one-year-old.

Then […]

Bird Talk

It’ll be a month tomorrow since Kazoo, the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot, came to live with me.

I love how he makes me work for our relationship. A dog will just love you instantly and unconditionally. A cat will give you plenty of opportunities to make yourself useful. But a parrot is still a wild […]

The secret, revealed!

I think GC might have felt ever so slightly offended when I suggested recently that he was incapable of keeping a secret. I say this because several people tried their hardest to pry this particular secret out of him over the past few days, and his lips remained firmly sealed. Me, on the other […]