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I got laid off again

I got laid off last week; today’s my first day of unemployment. There were three weeks remaining on my three-month contract, but we started running out of international tax returns a couple of weeks ago. One day the work cart was empty. They sent us all home without pay for a day, and warned us […]

A grumbly sort of day

Even though the sun is shining and it’s springtime and things are generally good in my life, I’m having a grumbly sort of day today. I think it’s just some emotional debris left behind by the layoff.

Back in February, when I saw the layoff on the horizon as a real but indefinite possibility, I imagined […]

Going, going, gone

I spent yesterday – my first official day of unemployment – at the office. I collected all my personal stuff on the weekend, but I didn’t like the idea of just walking away from my job without tidying up my files and leaving some basic information behind like the password for the server and the […]

The end of the line

For the past 18 years I’ve worked at a non-profit organization.

In January, our new President reluctantly issued layoff notices to the entire staff, effective March 28, but said some or all of the layoff notices might be rescinded if she could find alternative sources of funding. We were asked not to tell anyone in the […]