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Mental Health and Homelessness

Earlier this week I wrote a post about a mentally ill homeless woman in Westboro. Several commenters and I mulled over how she could best be helped. (Followed, sadly, by another commenter who declared the woman to be a crazy bitch who should be overpowered and locked up forever.)

Coincidentally, two days later, The Canadian […]

The Homeless Lysol Woman

As I was walking through Westboro on Sunday, someone stopped me and said “Can you help me out? It’s awful being homeless.”

It was a woman with a cart, holding out a box lined with a clean paper towel. As I reached into my pocket for some change, she said “Even $20 would help, […]

The real reason I support the crack kit program

I used to be a drug addict on the streets of Ottawa.

That whole period of my life is a bit hazy, but it started in my teens and lasted a few years.

Amphetamines were relatively cheap and plentiful at the time, and they were my drug of choice.

I wasn’t in good shape. I […]