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Three flicks in three days

Sometimes GC and I go months without going to the movies, but this week we went three days in a row.

First we went to the James Bond movie, Skyfall. It wasn’t a must-see for either of us, but it was the one with the most convenient show time when we first thought of catching a […]


GC and I went to see Black Swan last night. It’s a psychological thriller about a ballet dancer. It was quite riveting even though most of the time we had no idea what was going on. We couldn’t tell what was real and what was imagined, who was crazy and who was sane, who the […]

Alice in Wonderland: I loved it anyway

GC and I won tickets to go see the advance screening of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland last night. (Thank you, Penguin Canada.)

Going for free is a treat, but it isn’t as easy as paying to see a movie. First there’s a lineup to get your pass converted to a ticket. Then there’s a lineup […]