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The skeleton wore socks

The neighbours finally moved their mountain of garbage to the curb, and then the garbage truck came and took it all away, which is fabulous. But now we think they’ve flown the coop because everything appears to be gone – the garbage, the car that wouldn’t start, the people themselves – and they’ve left their […]

Do you like your neighbourhood?

A new website – Ottawa Neighbourhoods – was recently launched, and it provides all kinds of interesting information about neighbourhoods in Ottawa.

My own neighbourhood – Carlington – didn’t fare very well, which probably wouldn’t come as a surprise to most of its residents, or to those of you who saw The Citizen’s interesting piece […]

Searching for home

Home is more than a dwelling…if you’re lucky, it’s also a neighbourhood. I’ve lived in a lot of neighbourhoods over the years, but I’ve never felt the same sense of community that I do now. And I didn’t always feel it here, but I do now. I love my neighbourhood. I love the densely populated, […]