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Feeling violated

GC has been violating the neighbours this week.

Four-Dog Neighbour

Two doors down from me is a woman with four dogs.

For three evenings last week, two dogs barked incessantly in her postage-stamp back yard. On the third evening I went over and talked to the dogs. They settled down, but started crying again when I left. […]

The skeleton wore socks

The neighbours finally moved their mountain of garbage to the curb, and then the garbage truck came and took it all away, which is fabulous. But now we think they’ve flown the coop because everything appears to be gone – the garbage, the car that wouldn’t start, the people themselves – and they’ve left their […]

Better Homes and Garbage

There’s not much of interest to report around here. So how would you like to hear about my neighbours and their garbage issues again?

Remember the group of Israeli youth who moved in and were better-than-average neighbours except they couldn’t figure out the complexities of Ottawa’s garbage system?

Well, they left. And they were replaced by […]

New neighbours, old garbage

Remember when you were a little kid, and a new family would move onto your street? You’d stand there watching the moving truck being unloaded, looking for clues about the children, how old they were, and what sex, hoping they’d have one just like you, someone with the potential to be your new best friend.

The […]

GC reads the Riot Act

I live in a row house. The woman who owns the next house in the row is an investment advisor. She rents the place out to one group of kids after another, each of which generally moves out within a year to make way for yet another group. It’s an endless succession of hot-headed young […]

You're only as old as other people think you look

I have new next-door-neighbours again. In the five years I’ve been here, I’ve had five different sets of people living on the other side of my east wall. The most exciting set was the 23-year-old couple with the five kids (six, now). The last set was several young men who liked to party. Two of […]

My bloggable new neighbours

Remember my next-door-neighbour, Brian? The one who got rid of my wasp nests and mowed my lawn and was just generally competent and helpful and quiet?

He moved.

The landlords then spent the month of February fixing the place up. They painted walls and replaced appliances and carpeting, and things like that. The For Rent sign […]