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The emergency shelter for young women

Being unemployed has some perks. For example, I get to spend a lot of time working on my godawful Nanowrimo novel. And I get to go for long walks around the Experimental Farm on these glorious sunny afternoons, and be part of the energy and noise of huge flocks of crows and geese preparing for […]

Helping make a bad week better

They’re saying the two downtown fires at the women’s shelter and the women’s rooming house are unrelated. Foul play is being blamed for at least one of them. Regardless of how they happened, one woman’s dead and an awful lot of women on the bottom rungs of the socio-economic ladder are suddenly even more precariously […]

TimeRaisers 2009: The one that got away

It was a busy, busy weekend, including a brief trip to Montreal, the TimeRaisers event on Saturday night, and the Vintage Clothing Sale on Sunday, with knitting, novel-writing, novel-reading and breakfast eating crammed into random little pockets of time.

TimeRaiser was even better this year than last, because they simplified and streamlined the whole thing. It’s […]

A bunch of things we almost did

Yesterday was one of those days where we almost did a whole bunch of things, but actually did very little.

In the morning we decided to drive out to Mantotick to the Swan on the Rideau where Sue W now works. We thought we’d have brunch at her new digs. We were about halfway there […]

Yummy Little Tidbits

Here are a couple of yummy little tidbits of upcoming fun.

Burlesque Life Drawing Comes to Ottawa!
When many artists think “life drawing,” they think of sterile rooms,
bad lighting, and bored, silent, models with nary a hint of
personality. Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School is here to change all

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is the little New York […]

A novel approach: Doing what works

Years ago, when my criminology degree was fresh, I did a volunteer stint as a court worker for the Ottawa Elizabeth Fry Society. My job, one morning a week, was to show up at First Appearance Court, keep an eye out for women who looked like they needed some help, and try to match them […]

The Bank Street Bully walks away

Police watchdog drops blogger case (Ottawa Citizen, September 25, 2009)

And so ends another chapter in the life of the Bank Street Bully.

There are no surprises here. But how come, in the Citizen article, everything I said or wrote is qualified by words like “allegedly” or “claimed,” which makes it sound like I’m lying? And […]

Welcome to My Back Yard

The Shepherds of Good Hope just purchased a hotel about two blocks from my house. It will provide supportive housing for about 50 clients, including frail elderly people, people who are succeeding in the Managed Alcohol Program, and people living with mental illness.

Carlington has reacted with the predictable community rallying cry of “Not in My […]

Homeless Hope Garden Party

Shepherds of Good Hope Garden

The Shepherds of Good Hope has a community garden plot, just like ours only much bigger and much much better organized It’s out at the Kilborn Allotment Garden. They grow food there for the soup kitchen.

When I volunteered at Shepherds, there was usually enough food to go […]

Sex Trade Workers and The Astronaut Love Triangle

Remember when I blogged about writing to my city councilor, Maria McRae, about the Carlington Prostitution Sweep, which resulted in two men and two women being charged with prostitution-related offenses, but only the women were publicly named? Well. Check this out. GC says I’m changing the world, one iota at a time.

Astronaut Love Triangle

Speaking […]