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The Little Wedding that Grew

GC’s brother Charlie, GC, me, and my sister Deb

GC and I originally planned on having a very small civil ceremony, maybe one step up from eloping. But during our five-month engagement we kept adding little upgrades. Like family, food, booze, cake, flowers, balloons, photographs, a poem, homemade wedding favours, cupcakes, a candle ceremony […]

Curated Castoffs

We went to a great little event the other night at Patrick Gordon Framing. It was called Curated Castoffs: Art & Decor Edition. It was kind of like a collaborative garage sale where everything’s free.

It works like this: At 7:00 pm everybody shows up with five art + decor items for swapping: prints, paintings, mirrors, […]

Partying on the precarious line

We were invited to an annual overnight backyard party on the outskirts of town on Saturday night!

John and Sue’s back yard is big yet cozy because it’s got all these nooks and crannies and seating areas. There’s a greenhouse that they built themselves, and gardens and benches and ponds and hammocks and all kinds of […]