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“This is what democracy looks like”

This is what democracy looks like

I have to admit, I was worried. What if Stephen Harper was right? What if Canadians really didn’t care?

I’ve been to poorly attended demonstrations before, and they can leave you feeling a little deflated. And this one? This one was so important, not just for democracy in Canada […]

Saturday: Prorogue protests

Rick Mercer says it best.

At 1:00 pm tomorrow (Saturday), there will be protests in 50+ locations across Canada. Ottawa’s rally will be on Parliament Hill at 1:00. The times and locations of all the rallies are listed on the No Prorogue site.

The purpose of these protests is to send a clear message to the Prime […]

Harper's counting on our apathy

I’m steaming mad about Stephen Harper proroguing Parliament again this year. Mad enough that I joined that Facebook group, wrote letters to my MP and to Harper (, and joined the Ottawa organizing chapter.

Parliament does not exist to serve the interests of Mr. Harper, but of all Canadians. We should not be allowing […]