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The edible helium balloon!

I don’t have an actual bucket list, but if I did, inhaling helium would have been on it. I finally got my chance to do it a couple of weeks ago, in the most unlikely of places. An edible helium balloon was served as a dessert course in a fancy restaurant!

I took GC to […]

How I became a restaurant reviewer

I have a soft, sweet place in my heart for crepes. So when I heard about a new crepe restaurant in town from Nelly’s blog, we wasted no time checking it out.

The making of the crepe

Crepella’s – despite its unfortunate name – makes wonderfully yummy crepes. They use only fresh ingredients, and they […]

The art of complaining, in three acts

The other night GC and I were out for dinner at one of those buffet-style places, when I discovered a human hair woven through my peas and cheese.

Suddenly I wasn’t hungry anymore. I signaled the waitress and told her about the hair.

The waitress was suitably horrified and apologetic, and set about to […]