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Writing tools

Yesterday I took three more tests for that government writing job I’ve been trying to qualify for. I had to write a communique, edit the copy on a promotional web page, and prioritize a list of tasks while providing justification for my decisions and outlining next steps.

I need 70% on each of these tests […]

Putting my judgment to the test

I took the rescheduled Situational Judgment Test for that government job this morning.

I’m not allowed to tell anyone the questions. But let’s just say it’s comprised of 51 hypothetical work-related scenarios (problems, interpersonal conflicts, ethical dilemmas, hierarchical conundrums, and so on), and for each of these you have to select the most effective solution […]

Flying toddler triplets and trout

Today is the third day of a three-day migraine. I get them fairly often, and they’re pretty predictable. They’re not as bad as some people’s migraines; I don’t throw up or anything like that. I can function, more or less, as long as functioning doesn’t require a lot of motion or noise or strong light […]

I screwed up

Have you ever screwed something up that was really important to you? That’s what I just did.

I was scheduled to take two tests today to qualify for a pool of government writing jobs. I really want one of these jobs. They’re one of the few government jobs that don’t require bilingualism. Actually they’re one […]

I'm unsuitable

Remember I was thinking about doing the Social Service Worker program at Algonquin? Well, it seems I’m ineligible for funding for retraining from the government. Actually, that’s not quite accurate – I’m eligible, but I’m not suitable.

It seems the Second Career program has three levels of assessment to determine whether someone qualifies to receive […]