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Timeraisers: A fiendishly clever way to add to your art collection

Last year several people said they wished I’d blogged about Timeraisers before the event instead of after, because they would have gone if they’d known about it.

So here you go: It’s happening this Saturday November 13th, 8:00 p.m., at the National Gallery. Tickets are $20. Franklin’s Fault will be providing musical entertainment. Cash bar. Dress […]

TimeRaisers 2009: The one that got away

It was a busy, busy weekend, including a brief trip to Montreal, the TimeRaisers event on Saturday night, and the Vintage Clothing Sale on Sunday, with knitting, novel-writing, novel-reading and breakfast eating crammed into random little pockets of time.

TimeRaiser was even better this year than last, because they simplified and streamlined the whole thing. It’s […]

Good people wanted

I’m smart, affectionate and homeless.

My friend Karen is trying to find a good home for a homeless cat she’s befriended. She writes: “This cat has been hanging around our office here at the corner of Bank and Gilmour for over a month now. He’s smart, affectionate and homeless. I’ve taken to feeding him […]