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A pool of fresh blood

Every morning I go for a long walk along the bike path and I encounter all kinds of other people walking, biking, roller blading, skateboarding, running, and dog-walking.

On Sunday I encountered a run-down, rickety sex worker at the intersection of Merivale and the bike path. She was skeletal and appeared to be a bit delusional, […]

I actually kind of like my new job


At my new job, I phone people. Don’t you think that’s ironic? I’m phonophobic, yet somehow I ended up with a job that involves phoning taxpayers all over the world and asking them questions in an effort to sort out their residency and world income and so on. I didn’t even find out that that […]

The meaning of life

I’m working at home this week and next. I like walking to work, so I go for a walk each morning before I get started. We’re not talking a quick spin around the block, either. No. GC and I recently downloaded the app Walkmeter for our iPhones. We can now track every step.

Of course […]

Icy Exteriors

Does anyone else feel that this winter is whizzing by? Usually by February 1st I feel like winter’s been going on forever and I feel totally mired in it and I’m miserable and calculating how many days til I think it might end. I’m usually sick of all the layers and the cold and […]

Changing back

Brown-Eyed Susans remind me of my Opa

Things are looking very, very promising. The surgeon said the best thing I can do to hasten my recovery is walk. Short distances at first, gradually increasing as I build up my strength. He might as well have said the best thing I can do is eat Smarties, […]