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800 rules and 26 million dollars

Awhile back I posted something about welfare cheating, which led to an interesting discussion in the comments about how extensive it might or might not be.

I just read an article on called The Poor-Bashing Bandwagon, by Jamie Swift.

Swift points out that:

1. Ontario’s social assistance recipients would need a 55% raise to bring their […]

Welfare fraud: A first-hand account

A few days ago I promised to tell you all about my experience as a welfare cheat. Julia, who is a lawyer, informs me there’s no statute of limitations on this, so I’ve invited a friend we’ll call Zoey to do a guest post about her experiences as a welfare cheat.

Zoey’s Story

I was a single […]

Doctors accused of welfare abuse

They’re calling it welfare abuse, and they’re accusing doctors of it.

Doctors can help nudge up the incomes of their welfare-dependent patients by completing a form that entitles them to some extra food money each month for health-related reasons. It’s called the Special Dietary Allowance. There are a number of qualifying health conditions, such as diabetes, […]

Blog Action Day: How I got off welfare and out of poverty

(This post is my contribution to Blog Action Day. This year’s theme is Poverty.)

My son and I were on welfare together for seven years.

Poverty is not good for one’s self esteem – the stigma worms its way right into your core. While I was on welfare, I finished high school and went on to university, […]

The police chief called me an idiot

“Anybody who suggests that our job is not to combat every crime and combat every criminal involved in every crime, then they are idiots,” said Chief Vern White, “We pursue these folks in every possible way using every tool we have.”

I would suggest that the police enforce the laws somewhat selectively. They have priorities. They […]