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Extreme Christmas Decorating

A friend and I took a drive last Saturday night along the tour route of those crazy Christmas freaks in Orleans. There are whole streets, like Taffy Lane, that get into extreme Christmas decorating. Here are some examples.

Extreme Decorating #1

Extreme decorating #2

Extreme decorating #3

Extreme decorating #4

We also visited the electrician out between Navan and Carlsbad Springs who decorates about 3 acres of his property with Christmas lights. It was absolutely unbelievable, but my photos didn’t do it any justice at all, so you’ll just have to use your imagination. Better yet, go see it for yourself!

BJ SantaI find it weirdly impressive when people get so totally into things, but I will never be an extreme Christmas decorator. I figure I’m doing well if I decorate a Christmas tree and hang BJ Santa on the door. (My mom named him that, by the way, and it kinda stuck. It’s a strange story, which involves theft, espionage, sex, scandal, betrayal, kidnapping, and counter-kidnapping. But I’ll make a long and disturbing story shorter and more tasteful by saying simply that Santa got a new name and lives at my house now.)

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